Slow Food Dublin is a member of Slow Food Ireland and one of 1,300 local chapters of Slow Food around the world called convivia. Our convivium exists in a unique setting – the nation’s capital. Founded in the 9th century, Dublin is the largest urban environment in Ireland and a vibrant city of immigrants, policy makers, educators and workers. It is also a youthful city, with an estimated 50% of the population below the age of 25. 

Our goal is to promote the values of good, clean and fair food in Dublin city centre and the surrounding county. We are fortunate to have a plethora of amazing restaurants, cafés and food businesses in the Dublin area, which is ever growing in number. These establishments and producers that honour the values we promote are those we seek collaborations with for events so we can help promote and educate to our members and the public. 




We welcome anyone who wants to join our convivium and be a part of our Dublin food community. If members want to be more involved in the convivium, such as hosting an event, speaking at one, or they want to involved their food business in some way, we are open to ideas so please get in touch! Special reduced rates are given to members for all our events throughout the year.