Slow Food Dublin is one of 1,300 local chapters of Slow Food called convivia and also a member of Slow Food Ireland. Our convivium exists in a unique setting. The nation’s capital, founded in the 9th century, is the largest urban environment in Ireland and a vibrant city of immigrants, policy makers, educators and workers. It is also a youthful city, with an estimated 50% of the population below the age of 25. Our goal is to promote the values of good, clean and fair food in Dublin, Ireland and ultimately, the world. We will do this by growing our membership, fostering community, educating the public and celebrating the pleasure of eating.

Governing Committee

Dee Laffan, Convivium Leader


Dee Laffan is the Editor of Easy Food Magazine and a member of the Irish Food Writers Guild.


Bill Gunter, Treasurer

Bill moved to Dublin in 2007 with his wife Sharon at a time when food and food production in Ireland was changing dramatically. The recession in Ireland, though a serious hardship to many people, encouraged  a creativity and entrepreneurship which led to a renaissance in the restaurant industry, cheese production, brewing  and many other areas. He is very excited about the future of Irish food. He lives in Marino and works as a systems administrator for an American firm, National Instruments.

Caryna Camerino

Caryna Camerino is the baker behind Camerino Bakery and Caryna’s Cakes. Her bakery has been awarded Best in Ireland by McKenna’s Guides/Bridgestone Award in 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012. Her chocolate raspberry cheesecake brownies won Gold in the Blas na hEireann Irish Food Awards, and were finalists in the Dublin Street Food Awards. Her bakery was shortlisted for the Irish Times Best Shops in Ireland 2015 and visiting Camerino Bakery on Capel Street  was included in the Irish Independent’s bucket list of 30 things to do in Dublin before you die.

Emma Clarke

0cc9c66Emma is a cheesemonger for Sheridan’s Cheesemongers with a varied career in the food industry as a food technologist, baker, and barista.



Sharon Gunter

Sharon Gunter is a Texan who has lived in Dublin with her husband Bill since 2007. Sharon enjoys trying new foods, and loves the community of the table. Living in Ireland has allowed Sharon to explore ideas related to the proximity of her food, as any Irish-produced product comes from no more than a half day away. The last five years have been an exciting time in Ireland with huge growth in Irish producers of cheese, beer and produce, plus all the Irish Food Bloggers cooking, eating and celebrating Irish Food. Sharon works in city centre as a Software Business Analyst. She loves Camden Street.

Anthony O’Toole

litfest-anthonyAnthony O’Toole is a private chef, an independent culinary creative and food consultant, and a writer. He works, mentors, and collaborates with a variety of small food enterprises, restaurants, and producers in Ireland and the UK. Starting out as a chef, well a cook, at the age of thirteen, Anthony has worked in many different professional kitchens in Ireland and France. Anthony completed a Masters in Culinary Innovation and New Product Development in 2012 at Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT). He also holds a BA Honours Degree in Culinary Arts along with an Advanced W.S.E.T. (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) certificate in Wine and Spirits. Throughout his studies, Anthony has won a number of academic and peer-reviewed awards, along with receiving a scholarship to study Sherry production in Jerez, Spain.

Anthony is an active member of Euro-Toques Ireland, Irish Guild of Sommeliers, and kitchen director of Skillet Dublin. Anthony was recently appointed (June 2016) a Fáilte Ireland Food Champion, representing Ireland’s Ancient East.

Giacomo Rizzo

Giacomo’s first experiences with Slow Food date back to 2010, while he was living in Milano as part of the local convivium committee. After moving to Dublin in December 2011 with his wife Laura, he joined the Slow Food Dublin convivium. Giacomo works as a system engineer for Amazon at the Dublin headquarters and attends the “BSc Information Systems and Information Technology” classes at the Dublin Institute of Technology.

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